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Sexual Abuse Intervention Program

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What we're about

This program is designed for children who have been sexually abused, where sexual abuse is suspected or children who have sexual behavioral problems.  We use art and play therapy and the children are taught safety skills. Our goal is to help children recover from the trauma of sexual abuse, to expand their ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally, and to realize their potential as valuable members of the community.

What we do

  •  We believe every child has the key to their own healing if we can support and encourage healthy   development  physically, intellectually, emotionally, & spiritually.
  •  Art and play therapy are used. We encourage healthy parent – child attachment.
  •  Each individual receives basic safety skills as part of their experience in the program.
  •  Teaches the child and/or caregiver to develop an understanding of healthy sexuality.
  •  Groups are offered according to the needs of the children and waitlist demands.
  •  Counsellors liaise with community members as part of Integrated Case Management.
  •  We support families in understanding the impact of sexual abuse on the child.
  •  Services are provided on a non-discriminatory basis and are sensitive and responsive to cultural differences.
  •  All staff and practicum students are experienced in providing sexual abuse or related treatment services to children.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse means any sexual exploitation of a child whether consensual or not. It includes touching of a sexual nature and sexual intercourse, and may include any behavior of a sexual nature toward a child by an older or more advantaged person.

You have a duty to report 

It is mandatory in British Columbia that any person who believes that a child may be abused or neglected must report the incident to the Ministry for Children and Family Development.

Who we work with

Children and youth under 19 can be referred to the program in many ways. These include:

  •  Self referral
  •  Physicians
  •  Family
  •  Phoenix Human Services
  •  Mary Manning Centre*
  •  Vancouver Island Health Authority
  •  Ministry for Children & Family Development

Connect with us 

Contact an Expressive Therapy Program Counsellor at (250) 478-8357.

We are honored to work on the unceded traditional L’Kwungen, Scia’new and T’Sou-ke Territory. We gratefully acknowledge and respect these peoples whose relationship to the land continues today.
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