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Family Violence Program

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Family Violence Program - Creating Safer Families

*2017 Update* There is another 12 week group starting in late January 2018 for which there is NO COST

PCFSA works across the CRD (and beyond depending on contracts) with adult men (aged 19 years and above) outside of the criminal justice system to address their violent behaviours within intimate relationships.  To increase safety we also include services for female partners. We deliver individual and group interventions to maximize safety for women and children. Referrals are received from and may be funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the Domestic Violence Unit or open to the public based on fees for service.

We serve over 50 men a year through this program.

Please read this testimonial from a man who has benefited from our program:

“I am a client working with [a PCFSA counsellor] after I assaulted my wife.  I would like you and the Board to now [sic] that the counseling has been helpful as well as affordable.    It is a challenge to find mens [sic] counseling.  ….  I ask the Pacific Centre to continue making services available to men.


… [My counsellor] encourages me to search within myself for answers, asks me to try being more empathic and see from my ex-partner’s perspective what it is my behaviours have done to her and our family.  She reminds me to speak more kindly to myself.  I appreciate her patience, honesty, and for helping me find another way of being as an alternate to angry, violent, and abusive. ..  I’m grateful for the services provided, their accessibility, and the affect they are having on my life. Thank-you"


For more information about Stopping the Violence Program please call 250-478-8357.

Pacific Centre Family Services Association relies on the assistance of individuals, families and businesses to provide vital services to support Children, Seniors and Families in our community. From volunteering to financial donations, there are many ways for you to help us to continue providing services such as Youth Talk, Affordable Counseling, Better at Home and many more!


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