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Pacific Centre Family Services Association offers crisis and ongoing counselling to children, youth and families on the West Shore and across the Capital Region.  

Your donations make a world of difference in our ability to innovate, maintain and expand services.  With your help, we can change lives affected by the trauma of child abuse, domestic violence, addictions, family breakdown, isolation, and crisis. 

Please donate in the form of:

  1. In-kind goods or services
  2. monthly donations through automatic payments from your bank account or credit card
  3. a gift in your will
  4. gifts of unused life insurance
  5. a fundraiser in your back yard or workplace
  6. a one-time donation.  

If you are able to donate now to Pacific Centre Family Services, we are able to immediately respond to serve children, youth and families who need and are waiting for a counselor. While we have made great progress since we were established in 1968, we continue to experience ever-increasing demand and about $100,000 each year beyond our government funding to respond to the need of the community. For everyone we can serve there is someone else waiting for help.

1000 children and adults each year thank you for your help.  

Thank you for donating today.  


The board, executive director, and leadership team are applauded for their efforts to lead the organization toward accreditation and for strengthening its position for future success by demonstrating a commitment to being the organization of choice and excellence in the provision of services through conformance to high standards of quality.


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