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Counselling Staff

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Natasha Carville, MA, CCC

  • Counsellor


Employment Services Program

Natasha Carville, MA, CCC

  • Counsellor


Child Therapy Programs

Caroline Buttery BFA, DVATI

  • Child/Art Therapist


Sara Radford, MA, RCC

  • Child Therapist


Carrie Wright-Donaldson, MA, RCC

  • Child/Play Therapist


Child, Youth, and Family Programs

Mia Golden, BJus, DipCYC

  • Coordinator Crime Reduction & Education (CRED) Program


Stephanie Patterson, BA

  • Child, Youth, and Family Counsellor


Jonathan Percy-Brother, BSW

  • Child, Youth & Family Counsellor


Sara Radford, MA, RCC

  • Child, Youth and Family Counsellor


Owen Russell, MA

  • Child, Youth and Family Counsellor


Adult Counselling Programs

Caroline Creighton, MA, RCC, Cert. Con. Res.

  • Addictions Counsellor/Clinical Counsellor


Jennine Downie, BA, BSW

  • Counsellor


Blair Henderson, M.Ed.

  • Addictions Counsellor


Nancy Miller-Stone, BSW, MA, RCC  

  • Clinical Counsellor


Jennifer Munro, MA, RCC, RSW

  • Clinical Counsellor/
  • Program Coordinator, Community Counselling Program


Patricia Nasmyth, MA, RCC

  • Clinical Counsellor


Lianne Kirby, MA, RCC

  • Clinical Counsellor





The board, executive director, and leadership team are applauded for their efforts to lead the organization toward accreditation and for strengthening its position for future success by demonstrating a commitment to being the organization of choice and excellence in the provision of services through conformance to high standards of quality.


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